My adventures in the reptile hobby began a few years ago with keeping mantids. Subsequent breeding successes brought a lot of satisfaction, but I wished to focus on animals with longer lifespans. My attention was attracted to geckos by their certainly distinctive appearance and variety of colours. Soon after reading numerous descriptions and articles about them, I bought my first crested geckos. Currently I have several adults of this species, and each year dozens of babies hatch out.

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I have since began acquiring more Correlophus ciliatus , focusing on the rarer, less available morphs. I've also decided to add other species to the collecion - Correlophus sarasinorum, Eurydactylodes agricole, Mniarogekko chahoua oraz Rhacodactylus auriculatus. Do hodowli dołączyły także Ebenavia inunguis,Gehyra marginata, Homopholis fasciata, Lepidodactylus lugubris, Paroedura androyensis, Ptychozoon kuhli, Ptychozoon lionotum, Tarentola chazaliae, Uroplatus henkeli, Uroplatus phantasticus and Uroplatus sikorae.

A few words about me and the collection
What principles define my breeding?
Breeding reptiles is primarily a hobby of mine. My priorities are to own reptiles that are in excellent condition and health as well as to offer high-end babies, lively and strong. I do not aim for produce as many youngs as possible, but on the contrary - I limit the length of the breeding season reducing the number of the offspring. Thanks to that the females are not exploited to their limit. Also, I follow a few important rules:

- Reptiles live in naturalistic and spacious terrariums, equipped appropriately for their needs,
- Animals are fed on a varied diet and supplemented with proven and recommended products. Feeder insects are also under a good care, fed on high-quality food in order to increase their nutritional value,
- New individuals are chosen for the breeding groups based on their appearance as well as health. Each purchase is well thought out, and the animals are not sold after several months,
- Breeders are not crossed randomly but selected into the groups consisting only unrelated individuals in order to avoid inbreeding,
- I also put attention on the diversity between different groups, so that everyone can choose an animal for themselves,
- Each animal that hatches in my collection receives individual care and is carefully observed until sold to a new home,
- Only those animals which are in good condition, and do not raise my concerns in terms of health are sold,
- All animals which belong to the collection as well as every baby that hatches in breeding, are recorded in the breeding register. Thanks to that even after several years after the purchase of the young, and if necessary, it is possible to obtain the basic informations about the individual,
-  I'm trying to do my best to pass as much knowledge and experience to the customers, and provide assistance if necessary.
Breeding reptiles is my a passion, which brings a lot of satisfaction and joy. This is not my way to earn money for living, and any income derived from the breeding are devoted to its expanding. I strive to maintain already acquired, a good reputation in the terraristical environment among both - Polish and foreign customers. My goal is to bring the customers satisfaction with the transaction.

I am happy to share my knowledge and experience and, if necessary to help you. If you have any questions please contact me  via the contact form, I will try to answer fully and quickly.

Joanna Winkler