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Red Harlequin

I started planning this breeding group after I first came across this morph. However, due to the poor availability, they took a few years to obtain. These geckos were chosen into this group due to their red coloration. Markings on the backs and sides are creamy-yellow. The aim of the project is to intensify the color and achieve a beautiful, red offspring.
The Correlophus ciliatus collection, 2013 breeding groups

(see 2012 breeding groups)
Aion II, Red Harlequin
Euforia, Red Harlequin
Extreme Harlequin

The Extreme Harlequin is one of the most heterogeneous morphs, and it so happens that this classification of geckos can very dramatically in appearance. The goal of this project is to obtain the most mosaic-looking offspring.

Inferno, Creme & Black Extreme Harlequin
Denga, Exreme Harlequin
Black & Cream Full Pinstripe

This project is currently based on two high-contrasting specimens. The base color is a dark, almost black chocolate while dorsal and lateral markings are creamy. The group was established in order to obtain identical offspring to the parents. Experimentally, a tricolour female joined the group.
Dante, Black & Cream Full Pinstripe
Inkwizycja, Black & Cream Full Pinstripe

These geckos are characterized by a highly visible 100% (or close to that) Pinstripe. The aim is to produce contrasting offspring with dark bodies and creamy crests, building the clearly visible Pinstripe feature. In addition, the group includes a Fire female, which gives beautiful Partial Pinstripe offspring.
Kermit, 95% Pinstripe Harlequin
Red Bicolour

The group consists of two females and a male which fire up in a bright red colour. In addition, the dorsal and lateral markings of Alhamra are slightly greenish.
Bazinga, Red Bicolour
Pandora, Cream & Red Pinstripe
Alhamra, Red Bicolour
Persymona, Red Extreme Harlequin
Falka, 95% Pinstripe Harlequin
Ebola, Fire
Dracarys, Red Extreme Harlequin
Hagath , Full Pinstripe
Beleth, Red bicolour